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If you have been accused of committing an act of violence in Tulsa be that against your family or otherwise, you need to speak to a skilled Tulsa Criminal defense attorney who will be able to handle your case. At Hanson & Hanson law firm we have a team of experienced attorneys who will know how to defend you and who will know how to stand up to your rights. We believe that everyone deserves a chance in the legal system. That said, our primary goal will be able to put this accusation behind you so that you can continue to pursue your life goals, be that your carrier goals and family goals.

If you are facing an assault charge in Tulsa, you could be facing thousands of dollars worth of fines and could be facing a lengthy prison sentence. This type of charges could only the the beginning of the trouble that you could face. Your reputation could be damaged beyond repair if you are found guilty. This could not only have adverse affects on your family, but it could cause trouble if you are seeking employment as charges and convictions such as these will show up on your background report.

You could also be facing such things as the removal of your children from your home if you are convicted. Your children could not only be removed from your home, but could be used as pawns against you in the trail.

It is important to understand that cases that involve family violence are often the hardest to defend because the Tulsa police department has a special unit that just deals with family violence and assault. The police departs with these special type of units will be a case against you that will be very hard to defend against.

This is why you need to hire an experience Tulsa criminal defense attorney who will be able to defend you. An experienced attorney will look for things such as inaccurate testimony, unsubstantiated evidence. We will also be looking for ways to prove that the prosecutions case against you can be proven untrue because of reasonable doubt. We will also have our own investigative team investigate the incident. We will check out things such as self-defense and attempt to find any means to defend you that we can.

Hiring a lawyer who has experience with family assault is one of your best defenses against spending years in jail or facing fines for thousands of dollars. We will defend you in every way possible way that we can so that you do not face jail time or other penalties if you are convicted.

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