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If you have ever been convicted of a DUI in the state of Oklahoma then you need to seek the help of a seasoned DUI/DWI Attorney. Getting a DUI/DWI has the potential to ruin your life. You can loose your car, your driver's license and yes even your job. In the state of Oklahoma getting a DUI can be especially destructive as you can spend up to 10 days in jail and even much longer depending on how your case turns out.

Between the time that you are arrested, you only have a short 15-day window before your license is revoked unless you request a hearing to contest it. If you do not contest it then your license will most certainly be revoked.

Should You Plead Guilty

There are several things that a can do to help change the outcome of your case. You should never plead guilty to your first DUI offense without first speaking to your attorney first. When a police officer uses a breathalyzer to determine the amount of alcohol that is in your system. If that test showed less than .11 of alcohol in your system then that amount could be contested in court. Sometimes BAT do not show accurate figures and if your test comes back with a borderline figure then we definitely recommend contesting that in the Court of Law. It is never recommended that you plead guilty of a DUI offense unless you have talked with an attorney first.

If the police officer pulled you over because your driving did not seem normal or because you more less looked like a drunk driver then there is a chance that the charge of drunk driving could be downgraded to reckless driving instead of drunk driving.

Sentence Bargaining

When you hire a Tulsa DUI driving attorney if the case goes against you and you end up getting charged with drunk driving then it is possible than an attorney could help bargain with the Court to help get your charges downgraded so that you do not loose your drivers license or do not have to spend time in jail. This can often be done if your BWI was below .15 and nobody was injured or hurt because of your decision to drive drunk. This could play in your factor. If you are convicted of a DUI you need to hire an Tulsa DUI attorney in order to help lower your sentence if it all possible.

Free DUI Consultation: Tulsa DUI Lawyer

At Hanson & Hanson we offer a free DUI legal consultation . If you feel that you need to be legally consulted after a DUI arrest please feel free to call us at (918) 409-0634

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