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How To Get Appellate Court To Listen

If you are seeking to get an appeal from a Tulsa court for a conviction you only have a limited amount of time to file for an appeal. It is crucial that you contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in that time so they can begin to take over your case. You would only need to file an appeal if you feel that you were unjustly condemned. If you feel that you need to get an appeal you only have a limited amount of time after you were convicted in order to get a date in the Court of Criminal Appeals. At Hanson & Hanson we are ready to help you get that date in Court.

The Appeals court has the potential to be a very complex and confusing process. That is why you need a Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney to help you navigate it. Once you hire an attorney for an appeals court they will review your case and go over everything thing detail by little detail to see if they cannot find any errors that they could use to overturn your convocation.

Your Right To An Appeal

It sometimes happens when either a judge or a jury member will make a mistake. We feel it as our job to protect you as a client when this happens. You have to meet one or all of the below requirements in order to qualify for the Appeals Court of Oklahoma to hear your case.

Do You Have the Grounds to Appeal A Case?

You have to have certain grounds to appeal a conviction in the state of Oklahoma. If you do not have these grounds there is little to no chance the Oklahoma Criminal Court will appeal your case.

  • A defense witness as excluded that be every right should have been able to be heard by the Jury.
  • Evidence was heard from the prosecution that was not valid to the case and should have been excluded.
  • There were unintentional errors made by the district attorney.
  • The defendant was not given effective counsel.
  • New Evidence has emerged since the verdict was handed down.

If you feel that any of these would apply to your case or the case of your loved one we at Hanson and Hanson Law Firm would be more than willing to provide you with a free initial consultation. Please feel free to give us a call at (918) 409-0634.

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